With a Flying Leap

Sign at Luckett's Spring Fair 2013

I took this at Lucketts Spring Market in 2013. Be who you are, right?!?!

In the Spring I asked some family members that live in Lewes, Delaware to keep an eye out for places they thought I could sell my re-finished furniture. I had a plan: start a blog this Fall, offer custom refinishing in the Spring and maybe do Lucketts Spring Market if I could get a space, and finally find a booth style space NEXT Fall when my youngest starts Kindergarten.

However, one of these family members, has quite the eye and is handy with a home project herself. By the end of the summer she was selling out of a booth with a friend in Lewes. And sweetly asked if I wanted to come in on the space with them, even offering to expand their original foot print if necessary. I hemmed and hawed and decided the timing just wasn’t right. I had foot surgery scheduled in October (that’s when I thought I could get the blog up while keeping my foot elevated for 10 days…ugh), the beach season was ending when I knew most of the selling would happen and my daughter, is in her last year of preschool. It was hard, but I said no.

But the wheels were turning, I was spending lots of time daydreaming how I could make it work. How we might best work together. What projects I should put in to start.. how to style my booth. Yes, some might say obsessing…

Fast forward to just a month later, when she calls and says “that her booth arrangement didn’t work out as planned, am I sure I don’t want to go in on a space with her?” Did I hem? Did I haw? NO, I said YES! Immediately, then started working like crazy to come up with a plan and get pieces I could put in pronto as I knew the 10 days of foot-in-the-air were coming right when we would get our hands on our space!

It was a marathon. The surgery went well. The blog is up. I’m painting again to get more furniture and some holiday decor off to our shops in a couple of weeks. It’s a lot but, I feel like I’m starting a whole new adventure. And, honestly, it feels good. I can’t wait to see where this takes me.

Painted Lark, The Barn Shops, Lewes, Delaware

With my partner, Carolyn Claypoole, at Painted Lark in The Barn Shops.

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