Elphaba in the Sunshine PL

Elfie always finds the sun! I crack the door just to snap a quick picture…. she’s there. She’s usually right, too, I think she made this a better picture.

So if you’re a fan of the Wizard of Oz or musical theatre you might recognize the name of Sophie’s photo-bombing friend… Elphaba. Yes, the green, pointy toothed witch of the novel/musical Wicked. Despite my theatre background and the fact I had recently read the book and seen the musical, we can’t take credit for this. She had the name when we got her! She was born to a rescue mutt while at a foster home. There were about 6 puppies in the litter and our little, Elfie, was the only one that looked like a dachshund and she had sharp little teeth, too. So they named her Elphaba!

Not a Picture of Elphie PL

This is NOT a picture of Elphaba.

The craziest thing about Elfie is that no one wanted her. Seriously, can you see how cute she is? Imagine her even smaller? Anyway…. she is the WORST dog I’ve ever had. And probably the most fun. She gets on the table and eats butter. She can escape anything, we’ve long called her ‘the dog who cannot be contained’. She and Sophie love each other to bits and spend a lot of time curled up together cleaning each others ears. We believe she’s part cat and know she’ll always be the ‘baby’ of the family.

Elphie Heat Seeker PL

The heat seeker. She knows where all the warmest vents are and I shoo her away from self-immolation at the fire.

 Well, now you’ve met all of us! Photo-bombing a project coming to Painted Lark soon!

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