What to do with vintage windows?

Finished Window PL

My husband has become a junk picker even though he’s a bit lost by much of what I want to do in our house… He’s supportive, even when baffled.

In the last year he’s started bringing me home trash. He walks the dogs at night and usually beats the ‘pickers’. Yes, we have pickers that know our trash night and drive through our neighborhood weekly. So weird, another of his discoveries! We have good trash around here.

This year, he brought me home an awesome little sewing side table, with drawers for spools and notions. Sew cute! Pun intended.

Sewing Table

Also, two fabulous tall lanterns that were on the front porch of my favorite house in the ‘hood. We were coming home from a date night and they didn’t fit in the car, I’m sure the babysitter wondered where I left him.


And most recently four old windows! He brought one window and asked if I wanted more, then went back with the car for the rest! How’s that for HUSBAND OF THE YEAR?!

Then, last month we were hanging by the fire listening to some music and started talking about “Dream a Little Dream of Me”. We’ve both always liked the song and he was telling me it’s not just the singer or arrangement, he just thinks it has good lyrics.

AHA! I know what to get him for Christmas! I’ll put some of the lyrics on one of the windows!

Window Before PL

One of my first ideas for getting the lyrics on there-tape them on the back, then paint them on the front-it wasn’t neat enough for me. I also tried chalk markers-which was great and easy, but I didn’t love the colors I had in the house and wanted more of a background as this is going on a white wall.

Tools for Window PL

I got some great paper, pressed it into the window panes, and cut each rectangle out with an exacto knife (scissors would work fine). Then I printed the lyrics right on those sheets and taped them into the window.

Finished Window PL

Forgive the photo-it was impossible to take a decent picture with the metallic paper.

 Voila! Near instant personalized art for our bedroom! And he loved it.

This was so easy and you can change it with very little effort. Anyone else out there with an old window fetish? I’ve got 2 more… what’s next!?!?

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