Mexican Inspiration

Last May, I was lucky to spend a few days with some awesome women for a getaway in Mexico. We stayed in Punta Mita which was sleepy and beautiful with warm water and lots of sunshine and near the funky, colorful town of Sayulita. I found inspiration all over the place and was saddened to only have a couple of hours in Sayulita. Here is some of what I found so enchanting!

Tree of Hearts PL

Art is everywhere in Sayulita. Art on the trees…

Basket lantern PL

Still planning on doing something like this for the outdoor patio lights in Florida. VIntage basket lights coming soon! Art on the ceiling…

Sayulita Fish Taco PL

Art on the taco place…

Sayulita Sass PL

I wish I had gotten the name of this place, they had a dress I still regret not splurging on! And if you find a piece of furniture like that, please call me! I totally want to attack it with velvet!

Inspiring words PL

The walls just spoke to me! How could they not?!?

Heart Door PL

This actually is a door. A wizened old man opened it up and came out right after I took this shot. I’m not sure which of us was more surprised.

Colorful Sayulita PL

Love all the color!

I remember telling my friends on the trip that I planned to start a blog in the fall. Wow, time flies. I’ve always loved travel and am still inspired by the experiences of Mexico that weekend. I’ll share a bit about the heart motif that was everywhere next month.

Planning your 2015 vacation yet? I think my wanderlust just kicked in.


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