Turning Summer Nostalgia Into Holiday Decor


I know, it’s only November 1st. But I’ve been hearing about holiday decor, and I’m not talking Halloween decor, for weeks already. So… I’m going with it, besides my painting partner, Carolyn, and I have 2 booths that will need to be holiday stocked up by mid-November, so time to push through and get the projects done!

Today I really wanted to write up some furniture and home transformations, but also had to just go with my children’s plans and the reality that I was not going to be sitting at a computer. Instead I painted a mini-barn in various shades of pink and urged them to try our homemade sushi (one of them bravely licked a cucumber roll).


So, while I was looking for something active to do with them. I pulled out a project that had been percolating in my head. Sea glass candles! I just happened to come into a large amount of sea glass in a thrift store last month and really wanted to do something beautiful with it. Last week I hit a thoroughly picked over large church yard sale and only left with 5 small glass globes and a bag of books. One Pinterest inspiration search later and an idea was born!

Supply List:

Sea glass-what I had actually looks more like the glass I pick up on the banks of our creek with my kids. It isn’t sharp and it will be sea glass one day if it keeps heading downstream, but when we get it it’s a little chunkier. But hey, it’s gorgeous in the light and free with a bit of searching! No creek near you? You can also buy sea glass online from a number of sources.

Medium sized clear glass vases or globes-I know you can buy the ones like my thrifted ones at craft stores very inexpensively. Also, you really use any little glass container you had around the house or at the local thrift.

Small votive candles-I had empty votive glasses I had saved from citronella candles we used in the summer and just added tealight candles I had on hand from IKEA.


Instructions: Simply place the small candle in its container in the center of the larger candle and surround with sea glass. Light and enjoy!



So simple and so elegant, we’ll be carrying these at the Painted Lark Boutiques at The Barn Shops and Magnolia Street Antiques in Lewes, Delaware later this month and throughout the holiday season. I’m picturing them on my mantel surrounded in greenery. What would you do with yours?

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