Turn Old Shutters Into A Headboard

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My husband and I bought a house in Florida last year. We bought it from a bank and it needed a lot of cosmetic work! My dream was to rent it during Florida’s high season and be able to use it in the summer.  The house needed a lot of work. I had one month and we had already spent our budget doing some bigger renovations… more on those coming soon.

Here’s what the outside looked like when we bought it.

Front of House Before

Can you see the lovely pink highlights on the garage door and front door?

Shutter On House

I was a little scarred by the shutter situation, so we decided to go with no shutters. Luckily, I asked the painter to throw them in the garage just in case.

We bought this house at the same time my mother was selling her home and she kindly gave us lots of wonderful furniture. However, we wanted to change up some things. Her bed frame was so tall she used a step stool to get in bed. I’m sure all the 6 foot tall guests like my dad who picked that bed would have loved it… but I could see myself tumbling out in the middle of the night and it was a long way down! What’s a girl to do who just spent all her money on a house? Oh yeah, I have some perfectly good shutters in the garage…

Shutters Pink & Gray

You can see where I used wood putty to fill the screw holes. Then I put on a first coat of spray primer.

By the way, these shutters were the cheap plastic kind where the molding is lined a little to suggest wood. If you don’t have any lying around you can get them at any home improvement store. They sell them in all different colors or ready to paint. One of the nice things about these is that they are really light, so very easy to hang on the wall.

First I filled the holes where the shutters were mounted to the house with wood putty. Then I put two coats of spray primer on them. I did two coats because I was starting with a really dark-colored surface and I knew I’d be using a light color paint. After that I made DIY chalk paint (I’ll post more on this next week if you’d like to learn more) and put on two coats in a classic old white shade. To finish these, I used a matte clear spray sealer. I don’t really love the feel this leaves on furniture (a little rough to me), but as this isn’t like a table you might often put your hands or elbows on, it was an easy short cut to save time.

We measured (up from the bed and then down from the ceiling) and marked on the wall where the shutter should hit, then installed wall anchors. We drilled the holes on the shutters, then mounted each shutter with a screw that goes into the wall anchor causing it to expand. Then, we checked our placement with a level and some old-fashioned eyeballing.  Using the screws that come with wall anchors will give you a nice snug fit so the shutter isn’t moving around and not likely to get knocked out of the wall if someone sits against it.

Shutter 1

We put up the top shutter first. I figured the bottom shutter would be obscured by the pillows so I’d rather get the first one just right and if one wasn’t as level on the bottom, I’d just hide it as best I could.

shutter 2I really wanted this bedroom to have a peaceful and serene feel to it. I love cottage chic style and all things salvage so this project was so fun and rewarding. What do you think? Would this make for a relaxing vacation for you? Has anyone else created a DIY headboard? I’d love to hear about it!

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