Totally dreaming of Spring and the Beach… already!

Yeah, yeah, it’s only January 1st! However, Spring is in my heart… it also doesn’t hurt that my furniture is for sale in a beach town-Lewes, Delaware. So my latest banged up treasure just screamed bright and sunny to me despite the short days and freezing temperatures.

Spring Chair After PL 1

Spring Chair from the Painted Lark, $125. Easy to clean-indoor/outdoor fabric on seat cushion. Available by appointment for delivery or pick up in the DC metro area through mid-January. Then available in Lewes at Practically Yours. Throw pillow and blanket not included.

Here’s what I started with… a little banged-up country chair.

Spring Chair Before PL

I repainted it in my off white DIY chalk paint, sealed it with Howard Feed-N-Wax, and got an awesome sewing lesson from my girlfriend, Sybille, to make the cushion. She makes everything look so easy! And here it is without my accessories (the pillow and throw are both from HomeGoods).

Spring Chair After PL 2

 A couple of tips from this project:

  • If you’re finishing a piece with wax and later it looks a bit dull, you can just add another layer of wax following the directions on the product. I’ve found waxes easy to use and very durable finishes for painted pieces.
  • If you’re looking to wax something but your bottle/can of wax is hard, don’t fight it, just set it in a bowl of warm water for a couple of minutes to soften it up. Then it will be easy to work with!
  • I’ve found great indoor/outdoor fabrics on the remnant’s table at JoAnn’s lately. Some of the prices are ridiculous! I paid $1.87/yard for fabric for another project. And this type is so great for something like a seat cushion where you only need a yard or two and you want something durable and easy to clean!

Now for some more hot chocolate by the fire while I dream of Spring! Happy New Year!


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