The Other Lark Nest

We got away to Lewes, Delaware for a visit with Gramps and Cici last weekend.

It was nice to get away and play but also stressful. The forward progress we were seeing with our son has slowed or stopped. Things are better but not continuing to improve at such a rapid pace. Our understanding is this is how it goes. So, we just wait to see what tomorrow brings and get through today. That’s life, anyway, right?

I always love being at Carolyn and Richard’s in Delaware, they have such a warm and comfortable home and are easy company. Would you like to take a peak?

Carolyn Living Room PL

Look at these great window treatments… I love how the starfish beaches it up without being over the top. And the classic blue and white, so clean.  You’ll see starfish in windows all over Lewes and Carolyn’s take is just a little different and something that you can easily change when desired.

Vintage Pail Planter PL

I love how she is using this reproduction vintage pail as a planter.

And, of course, her house is full of painted finds! There’s this side table that my husband and I had. We were planning to get rid of it when I learned it belonged to Richard’s parents. Hmmm… updating something with family memories? Easy, peasy with a little paint.

Richard Family Side Table PL

And this great piece Carolyn found for $25 at a yard sale and repainted.

Carolyn Painted Chest PLCarolyn Painted Chest 2 PL

This is where the kids sleep when we visit. Hand-me-down headboards with a couple of coats of paint. I think the mismatched quilts were second-hand finds, too. And how great is that paint color? It’s a lovely jewel tone they’ve used throughout the upstairs of their house.

Carolyn Guest Room PL

I bet you want to visit them, too! Just wait till I show you a bit more of Lewes… you’ll be knocking down their door.


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  1. Andrea
    April 26, 2015 at 9:34 am (3 years ago)

    What a lovely place; the blue is so soothing. Here’s hoping that this latest plateau is just progress taking a quick rest after all it’s done lately…..and further forward movement is on its way soon. 🙂


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