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Hutch-sleppers extraordinaire!

The lovely, Carolyn Claypoole, has offered to help me out with a guest post of her latest adventures for our Painted Lark shop in Lewes, Delaware. Thanks, CC!

From Carolyn: The HUTCH, Part I
I have never been a “hutch” person. When I think hutch, I think dark and clunky, and yesteryear but not yesteryear enough to equal charming.

Flashback to the day our realtor took us through what was to become our new home in Lewes, DE. There it stood in the corner of the dining room, dark, oppressive, and totally overwhelming the room, a HUTCH. Ick. When we closed on the house nearly three years ago, the hutch moved on along with the sellers. Our lovely white and red Hoosier cabinet took its place.

I have grown to view furniture differently since that time. I have become obsessed with salvaging furniture destined for the junk heap into something we would want in our home and something that others will want in theirs.

Enter the hutch.

hutch 1

Carolyn’s Hutch of Yesteryear

Five months ago, I stumbled on a hutch in the backroom of a local thrift shop. It was dirty, dated, dark and clunky. The hutch was hardwood (cherry would be my guess) and other than the fact that one of the doors hung awkwardly off the hinge, the piece was in good shape. I didn’t hesitate, I bought it. I have no idea why. I called my husband and asked him to bring our other car so that I could get it home. When he arrived at the thrift shop he frowned and asked, “what are you going to do with that?” I told him that I was going to fix it up and sell it. He continued to frown as we loaded the cabinet into our SUV and the upper section into the convertible – a “Beverly Hillbillies” look that we have perfected moving furniture over the years.

The hutch took up space in our garage until January 2015, when I decided my husband’s growling about maneuvering around it had gone on long enough. One warmish day, I had him help me move the heavy cabinet to a wind-protected area of our back yard so that I could begin paint prep.

Part II: Attacking the Hutch coming soon…. 

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