Sailing… takes me away to where I’m going…

Sailing Fabric PL

My high school group of friends and I became obsessed with that song for a couple of months. I’m pretty sure it would send me into hysterics if a car blasting “Sailing” by Christopher Cross pulled up and a bunch of teens got out. And yes I’m listening to it now. “Do you believeeeee me?”

Sailing Side Chair w Lantern PL

Sailing Side Chair, $45. Available at Practically Yours, 18501 Stamper Drive, Lewes, Delaware

I am as crazy about this sailing themed fabric as I was about that song! This is indoor/outdoor fabric which is easier to clean than regular upholstery fabrics and great for use with kids or somewhere messy like a rental or beach house. I haven’t spilled red wine on it yet, but I have smudged some with dirt and it wiped right off with a damp cloth.

Saling Captain Chair PL

Sailing Captain’s Chair, $49. Available at Practically Yours, 18501 Stamper Drive, Lewes, Delaware

Saling Side Chair PLUnfortunately, I picked these up pre-blog, so don’t have any ‘before’ or process pictures. They were just tired and dated, so got my usual DIY chalk paint treatment and were sealed with Howard Feed-n-Wax.  Then I removed the old seat covers and added new cushioning-I tend to like my seats with a bit more comfort than was the norm in olden days. This is 2 inch upholstery foam which is a bit much, but I liked the chunky look with the large print fabric and delicate color.

Both chairs are for sale at Practically Yours, 18501 Stamper Drive, Lewes, Delaware. The Captain’s chair is $49 and the side chair is $45.


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