Polka dots were out?!?!

Spring Polka Dots
So, I saw something about how polka dots are in this year. I must say, it’s news to me that they aren’t the ‘in’ thing every year. I love polka dots! I’m currently wearing my polka dot tennis shoes, we have polka dot dishes (plates and coffee mugs). And my favorite vase this spring is a little polka dot one I picked up at the thrift store. Not to mention our clothing…. and now, I’ve painted my first polka dot piece! I’m thinking it may be the first in a series. This is how it started:


I guess I was feeling Springy. I knew what colors, I wanted to use but wasn’t sure if I’d go dots or stripes so once I put on a couple of coats of white paint, I took a look at some of the things in our home that I love. I rarely feel that my ideas come out of thin air, there’s usually something inspiring me in one direction or another.

Dot Inspiration PL

Once I chose dots, I knew I needed a template. This mason jar ring was perfect. I just wiped it clean in between each color.

Dot Template PL

I raided my paint supply for the polka dot colors. I was pretty happy with the paint I had on hand but mixed up a darker pink with some white to get to a pastel. I have to say this stool matches our house so perfectly, since I used many of our wall colors.

Polka Dot Stool

It has such a sweet hand painted feel and would be perfect for a child’s room or guest room! My 5-year-old was shocked she doesn’t get to keep it and is looking for something of hers that I can paint polka dots on. It will be off to the shop next time I take things to Lewes. If you’re in the DC metro area, it’s available now-$45, just send me an email. It could be used as a step stool or low side table.

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