If you have offered to help- thank you, thank you, thank you! Here is a great opportunity.

Producer Tim Sorel has been working on My Kid Is Not Crazy, a film that shares the stories of several PANDAS & PANS families. He includes interviews with the world’s leading PANDAS doctors, including the Neurologist we see.

The filming is complete and was funded by grants. The director/producer has not and will not take a salary on this project. Money is needed now to fund the post-production, music composing and other costs associated with getting the film wrapped and to the public. 100% of donations will go toward final production and distribution of this groundbreaking work!

Even though it has been a long year and we are still working toward a complete remission, I feel so lucky we solved this puzzle quickly and didn’t stay long in that dark place we visited last Spring. It is hard to imagine it could have been worse but I often hear stories much worse than ours.

That does not have to be the case. Efforts like My Kid Is Not Crazy will help push change in the medical world and awareness in parents.

Please take a minute to visit Kickstarter and help get this important film out to the world.


Much love and many thanks,


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