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$20 Estate Sale Find

$20 Estate Sale Find

Hi! Have you been bitten by the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint craze? Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint? Painting everything in your house much to your loved ones amusement or chagrin?

I jumped right into this category a couple of years ago. Then I realized I just liked painting furniture! It was satisfying a creative void I had long had that needed to be filled. The only problem, what to do with all this furniture. I was picking things up off Craigslist Free Stuff, from yard sales, trash piles… it was too much!

Thru Sept 11 12 628This is the first piece I did (scroll up for a full picture), a $20 estate sale find with peeling veneer and missing knobs. I glued the veneer back on and moved the knobs so there is one on each drawer instead of how they were previously arranged with two on each drawer. I had to do some hammering inside to get the drawer tracks back in the right place, too.

Ali Phone March 2012 3989Ali Phone March 2012 3988

This is painted with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint, then clear waxed, sanded, and dark waxed, then some light buffing.

I just love little details like paint inside drawers and sweet original hardware. Don’t you?

I was hooked! I told my mother who reminded me of the furniture I ‘collected’ because I wanted to redo it in highschool…. but I think I got distracted by something… boys, maybe? Did you have the painting bug? What got you started?



What is the difference between a décorator and a designer?

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Ever wonder what is the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator? It wasn’t that long ago that I was wondering the same thing. Basically, Interior designers must be credentialed in most states and are able to work with architects and builders to create a space from the ground up. Interior decorators work with what’s there to bring out the best of the space.

You can think of the Interior Designer as the one who can create and frost the cake knowing what ingredients and methods will yield the best structure for the cake. And the Interior Decorator knows how best to frost cakes to ensure the end product looks its most delicous.

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