Letting Things Go

Fresh Baked Bread

I had a lot planned for this week. Finishing a couple of chairs I’ve been working on, starting on some Christmas decorations, digging through the room I’ve piled with stuff and ignored for the last month.

However, my oldest child has been sick and stayed home the last three days and now I’m getting the cold! I’ve got some stuff done, but mostly I gave in to being housebound and having some time with my son.

Pressed Napkins

I ironed my favorite napkins that we used on Thanksgiving while we watched cartoons. Sadly, I didn’t get to ironing them before Thanksgiving, but I’m guessing no one noticed. And yes, their monogrammed white linen-an awesome wedding gift from my Aunt Bev.


Turkey Chili

We cooked chili from this recipe I found online from Two Peas and Their Pod. Yum! And not difficult at all, I’m not much of a cook so putting it all in the slow cooker and forgetting about it is perfect for me! We also made home-baked bread—is anyone else obsessed with Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day? Trust me, it really is so easy. I have their first book and love it.

Playing School

I think he misses school. We played ‘school’. I had to download math for him and come up with an art project (snow globe in a jar seemed to fit the season).

Reading by the fire

And at the end of the day we read Christmas stories and played games by the fire.

He’s ready to go back tomorrow and I’m glad. But an enforced break and some one on one time was just what was needed… for both of us.


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