How to hang a really heavy mirror

My advice… Don’t.

Mirror PL

When I was putting together our Florida rental property, my mother gave me a dresser with a really heavy vanity mirror that attached to the back. I wanted to use the large dresser in the living room for the TV stand and then hang the mirror somewhere else as an entrance mirror. But it was so heavy!  I was there with just my children and feeling a bit overwhelmed… how the heck was I going to 1) figure this out and 2) accomplish this when the mirror probably weighed the same or more than the only 2 other people in the house?!?!?

Enter Kelly, my childhood best friend who still lives in South Florida! She came over one day and we spent the morning messing up the outlets (yep, that project didn’t go as planned).

Electrical outlet with 4 wires coming out

As we walked through the house talking about what I had left to do, I mentioned I wanted to hang the mirror in the entrance but didn’t know how. “Why don’t you just put it on the table and lean it against the wall?”  She was always the logical one…. Thank you, Kelly!

However, with 2 dogs and 2 children something is always thundering through my home and I wanted our guests to be safe, so off I went to the hardware store to figure out how we could anchor the behemoth. Let’s just say, I had spent enough time at this local store, Crowder Bros. Ace Hardware (not an affiliate link-just a place I liked), to know who to ask for help. When I explained the issue, he came up with a solution using a wall anchor wing-nut you tap into the wall and it expands once you get it in place and screw something, in my case this huge hook, into it.

Wall Hook with Anchor

Then I drilled holes into the back of the mirror frame and screwed in two rings. I looped a heavy duty wire into a circle through both rings. Once I had the mirror on the table, I just had to get it in place and slip the wire over the hook. Phew! Project done, no worries about it falling.

Back of Mirror

Mirror from Side PL

And there it is in the background from the side view.

 Sometimes I get so caught up in how I think something should be done that I don’t really think things through. Thank goodness I had a fresh pair of eyes with me that day!



2 Comments on How to hang a really heavy mirror

  1. Donna Danna
    January 7, 2015 at 12:42 pm (3 years ago)

    Just a few questions for you. I raised my family in south Florida and wondered where your rental is located. And by rental are you referring to a home you rent or a home you own and rent out? Thanks for responding.

    • Ali
      January 7, 2015 at 4:59 pm (3 years ago)

      Hi Donna,
      Thanks for visiting Painted Lark. The house is in Bradenton, just off Anna Maria Island. We bought the Florida house last year when my mother was leaving Florida and I just couldn’t say goodbye to a place that still feels like home to me. We are renting the house during the winter high season and plan to use it during the summer. Oddly, my favorite time of year there is summer when the water is like a bathtub!
      Warm wishes,


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