Gorgeous Vintage Cake Stands


Last year, the kids and I decided we’d make homemade gifts for the holidays. After much pinterest and google searching we came up with a few things, but one of our favorites was the Vintage Dish Cake Stand. So easy, affordable, and they look absolutely fabulous when given and used! I made some extras and we often use them at parties using them for various appetizers or desserts. The repetition of the same serving dish at various heights and colors is totally charming. Not to mention the height, means you can fit other low platters on the table so they actually help with a tight space, too.


Supplies: I found etched glasses (I’ve also seen these made with candle sticks for the base) and plates at a local thrift store. You’ll also need a crazy strong glue. I used E6000. It’s industrial and it stinks, so open the windows.

Instructions: If your dishes are clean and dry, you can just glue them together. Lightly spread the glue around the glass rim. Less is more, but you do want to make sure the space between the plate and glass is totally sealed. Do another coat if you need to plug any gaps once the first layer of glue dries. You’ll want to hand wash these and you don’t want to get water or spots in the base that you can’t clean out. And no ones going to see the glued part, so don’t sweat it if it’s a little sloppy.

Tip: If you are a perfectionist though, try using an old credit card to get a smooth line where the pieces are attached.

Let dry, host party, enjoy!



No time or tolerance for stinky glue? Pick up one of our cake stands at either Painted Lark Lewes, Delaware. No two are alike!

On my last morning in Lewes after opening our shops, I took the kids to Nectar Cafe for a celebratory breakfast and we were delighted to see their cake stands on the counter as we walked in.


Nectar Cafe’s Cake Stands

Any crafts on the horizon for your holidays?

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