Europe in a Day?

Totally doable in Washington, DC!

Emb of Finland Ext PL

Our son in Finland this week. Well, at the Embassy of Finland in DC, that is! But technically… This building was the first embassy in the US to receive LEED green certification! See those gorgeous vines on the trellis-there is a layer of space between them and the building-great for insulating and keeping energy use and cost down! And it looks fabulous, too.

Right now the Kids Eurofestival is on in and around DC. Which means awesome free art performances in super cool venues all over town!  So, B and I packed our bags (lunch bags, that is) and headed off to Finland earlier this week to see a film, Moomins on the Riviera. We spent a little time learning about the country and visiting an embassy before we got there. He loved that he would actually be in Finland!

First stop, the bathroom, “why is the soap in English? This bathroom looks like it could be American and Finnish combined.”


B: Where are all the Finnish people?

Me: Those people were Finnish.

B: They were? But they were speaking English, right?

So delightful. Not sure what he expected…

Embassy of Finland Interior PL

The interior is beautiful. Very dramatic and clean with lots of glass and views of the surrounding trees in full Fall color.

The Embassy has a small but cool art show now that is free and open to the public on Saturday and Sundays. Click here for more info.

Creep PL

Anybody else watch Dr. Who? I will never see statues the same! This one totally creeped me out! She was so perfectly placed at this crack on the glass on the balcony as if she’s on her way in to get you!

Creepy PL

It was such a gorgeous fall day that we decided to swing by the National Cathedral garden for our lunch on the way home. Nothing says Europe more than a big, old, church! 
Nat Cathedral PL

Nat Cat Garden PL

Formal gardens at the National Cathedral in DC on our European tour day!

And then we saw this on the way to the garden! Turns out Open City is running a café in the Old Baptistry. Nice of someone to park their Fiat there and complete the old world feel for our European vacation day.  Open City at Nat Cat PL

Inside Open City at Nat Cat PL

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