Dated Bench to Colorful Coffee Table

Nedra's New Coffee Table!

Last Spring, my mother, moved to Maryland from Florida. She left a 3 bedroom house for a 2 bedroom condo. Knowing the movers would be expensive and she wouldn’t need as much, she just brought her favorite pieces.

Which left plenty of things for us to shop for… so we’re still working on her apartment. True to my nature, I’m always encouraging her to up-cycle thrifty finds and dragging her to my favorite bargain places. It’s not a tough sell as I learned my bargain hunting ways from her. We were delighted to find this bench despite it’s dated look. She was in need of a coffee table.

Mom Bench Before 1

Mom’s bench before we got to it!

Moms Bench Getting Painted

We picked up a couple of yards of colorful fabric off our local fabric store’s remnants table (G Street, $5) so decided to paint the legs in a calm and classic off-white. Photo of first coat.

After I painted and waxed the legs, I carefully laid out the fabric and folded the edges under to staple it along the sides of the bench over the existing fabric. I often strip (remove the old fabric) things, but this bench was in great condition and the old didn’t show through the new fabric. I only had to rip off the welting that was around the edges.

Moms Bench Folding

Carefully staple around the corners, then fold the ends like a present and trim off as much excess fabric as you can. Most of the staples will go on the underside of the bench, but as you can see, the corner staples will go on the exterior.

Moms Bench End Tuck

Then tuck and staple, again just like you are wrapping a box! I’m sure there may be an upholsterer somewhere cringing at my lack of technique, but this gave the bench a lovely finished look and has held up great!

Moms Bench Nailhead Trim

What could be more classic than nail-head trim? I ordered this online, you only need to nail in every 5th nail which is fine, because I already attached the fabric with my handheld staple gun so the trim is just for looks.

Moms Bench Applying Trim

If you look closely, you’ll see where you need to insert an actual nail (they looked like thumbtacks) after every 4 holes to secure the trim.

Moms Bench Holding Trim to Nail

Sorry for this terrible picture. What I want you to see is this great tip for when you need to hammer something that’s too small to hold with your fingers-use a comb to hold the nail in place!

Moms Bench in Place

And here it is! Making a perfect coffee table and ottoman for a narrow living room!

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