Celebrating Paris

Paris St Art PL

When I heard the news from Paris last Friday night, it was crushing. Having just spent an incredible weekend in an around that neighborhood, I picture the cafés and people in the streets so vividly. Hubby and I talked about the very young men we saw guarding the masses in Le Marais (where we stayed) with machine guns and how close we were to the offices of Charlie Hebdo as we strolled on Saturday.

My immediate response was to share some of the moments we captured that illustrated the beauty that is Paris. Then I looked at our pictures and felt they were so unimportant. What meaning does street art have in light of the violent loss so many are experiencing?

Then on Monday, Paris went to work. Life went forward.

And now I realize my instinct to not share the beautiful and inspiring scenes I was fortunate to experience in Paris just before this terrible attack was wrong. I think so many people around the world are inspired by and feel a strong bond to the French.

So now is the perfect time to celebrate the culture and inspiration of France’s capital city. What I have always loved about Paris is the art in everything.

If you’re going to do it, it should be beautiful, right?  Below are some of the simple things I enjoyed this trip.

Dirty Art PL

Art in the streets—everywhere.

Ceiling in Bloom PL

This is the ceiling in a funky little shop/café. More a US style café with a small seating area inside. The street was so narrow, there was no space for a traditional French café with sidewalk tables. I love how they brought the outside in with this fixture.

Funky Shops PL

The sign said Photography, but there was a bit of everything… everywhere! And somehow it was still so inviting.

Chocolate Works of Art PL

Chocolat! Can you imagine spending the time and heart this took to make something so impermanent.

Dogs in Cafes PL

I think this must be how this pup spends everyday. Inside a quiet bench, outside a bustling café on a main square.

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