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Hand Me Down Furniture

finished dresser 3   We all have it. But do we love it? …. maybe not… YET….. but you can!

This dresser had been my husband’s when he was a kid and is now is in our son’s room. While perfectly functional, I had dreamed of an update to it for years. I had even changed the knobs to some cute animal ones that I found in a sale bin at Pottery Barn Kids but you couldn’t see them on the dark wood.

Lightly Sanded

Ah.. another outlet for the early days of my love of Annie Sloan and her fantastic Chalk Paint! I lightly sanded the piece with a sheet of 220 grit sandpaper. It was enough to make the piece feel slightly rough, but wasn’t hard enough to work up a sweat.

Lightly Sanded 2

Once the piece had two coats of paint, I sanded lightly again to smooth out the finish. Then applied Annie Sloan’s Clear Wax. Put it on lightly (a small glob should cover one whole side of a large piece-maybe a tablespoon or two) and then wipe off the excess quickly. On a large piece of furniture, like a dresser or buffet, I usually do one whole side and then wipe off the excess wax. I let the piece sit for a day and then put on another coat of clear wax. If your piece looks cloudy, use less wax. And it’s easier to add more than it is to re-sand it and re-wax it if you put too much, so go light to start. After the waxing, I came back a day later and buffed the dresser with a soft cloth.

There are all kinds of wax brushes and pads on the market. I’ve tried a couple, but was always annoyed with loose bristles or lint coming off in the wax. Also, then you have to use chemicals to get them clean if you plan to reuse the brush or pad. I use old pieces of lint-free fabric. The receiving blankets I had leftover from our baby days were perfect and I’ve also been able to buy old cotton sheets at the thrift store cheaply and they last forever since you can get so many rags out of one sheet.

Finished Dresser

This was my second furniture painting project and I was hooked! I learned doing this dresser that it is just as easy to get a clean modern look with chalk paint as it is to do a shabby chic look.

Finished Dresser 2

Are you ready to start painting? Please let me know if you have any questions on prepping, painting, and waxing your piece!

Could you pass this beauty up on the street?

Just wanted to share one of my summer love affairs with you… the one that got away! Chris and I were taking a long walk after spending a rare child-free night in Baltimore for a friend’s wedding, when we spotted… this beauty!

Vintage Sofa in Baltimore

Nothing says romantic weekend without the kids like dumpster diving in Baltimore, right honey? Or should I say, Hon?

Vintage Sofa in Baltimore 2

What would you do? So many of my great loves have begun at the trash heap. Did I mention we were driving 2 kids and 2 dogs to Florida for a long trip the next day? And I think my husband expressed concerns about an infestation…. ah, well, I’ll never forget you.

Have you any treasures that started as another woman’s junk?


What is the difference between a décorator and a designer?

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Ever wonder what is the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator? It wasn’t that long ago that I was wondering the same thing. Basically, Interior designers must be credentialed in most states and are able to work with architects and builders to create a space from the ground up. Interior decorators work with what’s there to bring out the best of the space.

You can think of the Interior Designer as the one who can create and frost the cake knowing what ingredients and methods will yield the best structure for the cake. And the Interior Decorator knows how best to frost cakes to ensure the end product looks its most delicous.