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Thanksgiving Wishes


A quickie transformation and warm wishes to you for this holiday of thanks and loved ones. Our family continues to heal as our son’s health slowly improves. We find more to be thankful for each day. More of the ordinary. I wish you all some ordinary happiness, too.


As usual, I found this beauty was in someone’s trash heap. Ugh. I love flower urns but they are so expensive.  Luckily, there we’re two. I think these things are like Foo Dogs, you can’t have just one.


Can you see my little pumpkin carver in the reflection?

They are the plastic kind which I never like at the store, but I think the fact they were all beat up and crusty made them great for a make over. And the plastic made it possible for me to get them in the car! I swept off the loose dirt and put on two coats of shiny black spray paint and swooped up to the flower store for $10 mums. Next up, little evergreens for winter!


Oddly, I lucked into this aged beauty earlier this year. I bought a chair from a vintage shop and when I drove into the back alley to pick it up, this was in the trash next door behind a restaurant! Score. It weighs about 75 pounds! No idea how I got it in the car. rusty-urn-pl

And one more bit of randomness-we grew this! Actually, my son did. With love and care all summer and fall. The only one from a huge patch. Chipmunks? Cucumber beetles? This little guy is about as lucky as we feel.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Sometimes, it’s the little things

anthro knobs kids dresser PL

Knobs from Anthropologie sale room

So, after Eliza finished up her waxing, I had a couple more suggestions for her.

Wood finish looks great…. except for that one scratch? If you have nicks and scratches, you can get a wood marker at the hardware store in a pretty close match and just color in the scratch-usually they are sold in the main colors such as walnut, oak, or cherry. Just get a decent pick of the color on your cell phone if you don’t know the wood and you should be able to match the color on the package at the store.

Rejuvenate Wood Furniture and Floor Repair Markers

Style of the piece still looking a little more staid the you hoped? Try a hardware change-you can get new knobs and pulls just about anywhere these days, I’ve even seen them at TJ Maxx! My go-to favorite place for hardware is the Anthropologie sale section. And my favorite thing about Anthropologie-they have a ridiculous return policy. So if you find you didn’t use them but left them laying in the drawer for a year…. it’s okay, just make sure the receipt goes in the drawer, too.

Anthro Knobs PL

I went a little crazy with knobs on this one… the kids love it! These are also from Anthropologie

And don’t be afraid to mix and match-you love the expensive knobs but they are too expensive? Can you put one on the center drawer and match the rest with something cheaper? I found the cute animal knobs below on sale at Pottery Barn Kids but that was all they had (and all that I needed, really)-the pulls came from Home Depot.

Finished Dresser

Happy Spring!


*Disclosure: All opinions are my own and sadly I have no affiliation with Anthropologie or Home Depot. 

As easy as DIY!

So, my friend Eliza, went to work and has already turned around her vintage desks! You can click here to see my suggestions on how to get started.









She was so excited to learn how easy this was that she tackled a vintage buffet in her home, too!  They look gorgeous-I think the wood was reaaaaalllly thirsty!





 Now she’s working on the details. More tips coming later this week!

Happy Spring Cleaning


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