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What to do with shells from summer?

Looking for an easy way to use that pile of shells you brought home from the beach? How about shell candles!

If you have any large shells, like these Venus Sunray Clams, you don’t need much else to whip up a batch of summerific candles. Summerific might be my new favorite word!

Grab some tea-light candles, tinfoil, parchment paper (or use more tinfoil) and a baking sheet and you’re ready to roll.

Turn the oven on low.

Line the baking sheet with parchment paper.

Remove the metal around the candles and place them in the shells.

Get your candles balanced for minimum wax loss! Tinfoil nests worked.

They melt really quick so keep an eye on them. Once done, let them cool until the wax hardens and you’re ready to enjoy. Some of our shells sat a little wonky on the table, so we just put a little something under the shell to keep them from spilling wax everywhere.

Easy-peasy and so SUMMERIFIC!


Can you paint feathers?

In addition to sand dollars, the beaches were covered in feathers! Got paint? Got feathers?

While it is illegal to collect many wild feathers in the US (seems odd but its a protection for our wildlife-yay!), you can buy feathers from loads of places online.

And in a rental house, all we needed was a glass and some sand off the beach to have gorgeous center pieces for the table!

Painted Sand Dollars

I went into this year of homeschooling our son and daughter-my first with both of them-thinking we would make this the EPIC YEAR OF HOMESCHOOLING!!!! I figured as my son healed we may never do this again so should take advantage of things like not being tied to a location. Wanderlust, it’s never far from my surface.

How ’bout that view? Fort Morgan, Alabama

So, I planned a month at the beach in Alabama near my family. Of course, this year didn’t go exactly as planned, but, man…. am I glad I made those beach plans! It was so lovely to spend so much time with my mother and our family. Not to mention spending February on the beach during an outrageously warm winter!

We played and walked and learned. It made me realize how true it is that kids can learn anywhere! We found more dead sand dollars on the beach than I have ever seen! We had so many and so much time we started painting them with water colors. It’s such an easy craft and we loved watching the ways they just soak up the paint, I thought I’d share the idea. Maybe you’ll find it rather summery and zen, too.

And a quick PSA for sand dollars, please buy your sand dollars at a shell shop if you’re not finding dead ones! If it looks greenish-yellow and furry, put it back in the water, that one might still be alive. If they are white to light gray (put it in the sun on a porch and it will bleach white quickly) those are already dead so no murdering guilt for you!

Click here if you’re still not sure how to tell. 

And now we have a sand dollar tree center piece!



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