All that glitters is…. GOLD!


Just call me Midas!  I bought a can of gold spray paint months ago for a project which I still haven’t done…. but, I did break out the can of paint and get a little crazy!

Metals are hot, hot, hot this year! On the runway and in the decor shops. But it’s so easy to get gold glam on a dime. If you’re like me, you might not even need to buy anything to paint!


A lover of all things beach, I knew I’d find a purpose for this conch when I saw it at the thrift store for $2.99. Not gonna lie, it was pretty beat. But just 2 coats of spray paint later it is sooo fabulous! Perfect for a coffee table, an awesome doorstop (will get so many comments, I guarantee you),  or to style those shelves that are looking a little drab!DSC_0578This is the paint I used and a few more of my nature inspired objets that needed a pick me up. I think one of the things that works for these items is the juxtaposition of something from nature and a sparkling, glossy coat of gold. DSC_0975

Ah… that’s better. Now I feel like a butterfly! Don’t worry, the bee and the ant got the treatment, too. That’s my kind of bug spray!DSC_0972Anything getting a sparkly pick me up at your place?

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