$6.99 Headboards!

Headboard In Room

That’s right, I paid $6.99 for these headboards (each!…to be clear). While working on our rental home in Florida last summer, I had two weeks while my husband was in town when I could pull the car seats out of the car and pick up furniture. It was a mad dash to get the pieces I’d need for the house. The kids and I found these adorable headboards at the local Goodwill. They were (again, because I love typing it…) $6.99 each! And the kids loved them and they weren’t ‘just for kids’ should we have adult guests staying in this room. Despite being the only people in the store, we stormed the front desk and ran back to our headboards with bright pink Sold signs and a plan for me to pick them up in the morning.

My Daughter's New Headboard

Headboard Before

I wasn’t the first person to come along wanting to transform these beauties. They had been slathered in varnish and one had bad chipping at the trim.

Patched this with wood putty-I didn't love working with it-I used spackle (like you fill holes in your walls) to clean it up later as it is so much easier to sand.

I patched this with wood putty-I didn’t love working with it-I used spackle (like you use to fill holes in your walls) to clean it up later as it is so much easier to sand.

First I put on a coat with spray primer as I didn’t want to remove any of what was already there and planned to paint them in a light color. Then I went to work with my usual DIY chalk paint (click here to read my post on DIY chalk paint) recipe.

Headboard In Progress

One coat of spray paint and the beginnings of the first coat in an off-white DIY chalk paint.

Headboard White All Over

The white paint is on, time to get to the trim.

Pink Trim Close Up

Pale pink in the ‘ribbon area’ to highlight the details. We also used this color paint in the bathroom across the hall from this room and in the kitchen. It’s a beautiful shade that doesn’t scream PINK and shows a bit of lavender in the color as well.

Headboard Before & After Up Close

One headboard down, one more to go!

And here’s the finished room! We had the bedding and art from my mother’s house that she was selling, so worked with what we had. I’m hoping to update the linens with something a little more peaceful next year, but it will be nice to have a back up set on hand that goes with the room!

Headboards in Room

Besides who doesn’t want to be surrounded with palm trees on vacation?

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